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In stitches, Michelle Hamer

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

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Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.

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Hylas and the Nymphs, 1896 (detail)

oil on canvas

John William Waterhouse

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Rizzo was so formative for me.

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I understand that we aren’t in each others lives anymore, but I thought about ya today. Make sure to drink lots of water and don’t let boys be mean to you.



Taken from MANTRAS zine

This zine is a culmination of how i got myself thru/still getting myself thru things and also things that i love and things that make me happy, mostly Stevie Nicks. I hope i don’t come off as someone who has her shit together, most of this zine is me yelling at myself and it’s really difficult to follow the directions that i give to myself, like “TAKE WHAT’S YOURS” and “DON’T HIDE!” it’s very difficult and on most days i don’t follow these directions and i fail completely. But i still yell at myself because it’s necessary that i always have these things etched in me so i have something to hold on to when shit hits the fan. - Fabiola

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Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men.

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